Create a Skincare Routine in 1, 2, 3

Realized your skin is suffering and want to put a skincare routine in place? Or just willing to take care of your skin? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got just three steps for you to bring your skin back on track.

But before that, let’s just get on board with why skincare is so important. There are a few reasons why:

  1. Keeps your skin hydrated and radiant
  2. Prevents clogged pores and acne
  3. Reduces signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles
  4. Prevents hyperpigmentation and melanin patches 
  5. Keeps your skin safe from the harmful effects of the sun
  6. Reduces or prevents blemishes and scarring
  7. Regulates uneven skin tone

These are just a few things in the vast range of questions about why a skincare routine is important. As a matter of fact, a lot of people are actually not aware of the right way to take care of their skin. Some people use at least 6 different products and steps to take care of their skin, whereas, some use none. Both are bad for your skin. At most, you need a 3 step process for optimal skincare. 

So Finite, what is this three-step process you’re talking about? 

Glad you asked! 

Well, we follow a very simple process of skincare: 

  1. CLEAN. 
  2. TREAT. 

Why don’t we go through these one by one? 

In this step, we follow exactly what’s written. We cleanse our faces. Cleansing the face is the most necessary step in any skincare routine. It is also the first step you’re supposed to follow when taking care of your skin. This is essentially because, cleansing the face allows us to remove all the dirt, grime, sweat, and other pollutants from our face. These pollutants clog pores and cause many skin problems. Try the Finite 01 Face Cleansing Gel for all your cleansing needs. It is suitable for all skin types and cleanses your skin without stripping it of natural oils! 

It is ideally recommended to cleanse your face twice a day i.e., in the morning after waking up and at night before going to bed. This keeps your face clean and healthy throughout the day. 

This step basically involves actively treating any of the skin concerns you may be facing. Ideally, in this step, it is recommended to use face serums suited to the skin concern in question. Different people have different skin and essentially different skin concerns. The good news here is that there are many face serums available in the market which can tackle almost every single face concern you may have! For example, you can go through the Finite Face Serum range to find one which suits your skin concerns best. 

Serums are ideal for targeting specific skin concerns. This is because serums contain active ingredients which have a direct impact on the skin. Due to their consistency, their penetration is also higher and they percolate and absorb into the skin rather quickly and easily thereby delivering the active ingredients efficiently.  

The last and the most important part of your skincare routine is moisturization. A lot of people have this misconception that if they have oily or acne-prone skin they should not use moisturizers. WRONG. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS. No matter what kind of skin you have, you MUST moisturize it. For best results, try the Finite 0.6 Moisturizing Cream which is a non-greasy or oily formula suitable for all skin types! It keeps your skin smooth and radiant without making it oily or greasy.

Consider this, when you have oily skin and you cleanse it with a cleanser, it may become a little dry due to the removal of natural oil coating on your face. You may think, “hey my skin is oily it will get moisturized again by itself”. Well, that is not the case. This is because when there is a lack of natural oils, your skin produces more sebum to compensate for the dryness. Due to this overproduction, there is a high tendency for the pores of your skin to get clogged which may, in turn, cause even more acne! So every time you cleanse your face, always ALWAYS make it a habit to moisturize it for the best effect!

Now, keep in mind to follow these three steps in this particular order i.e., cleanse, treat, moisturize. Many people get it wrong because they end up using serums after moisturizers. This is bad practice because when you apply moisturizer, a protective layer is formed on the skin. This protective layer prevents the serum from getting absorbed into the skin and renders it useless. 

There you have it! An easy three-step process to get healthy and radiant skin. Creating a skincare routine does not have to be so complicated as to have 5 to 6 steps and products. Three products and three steps are enough to keep your skin up and running! 

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