Sugar and Skincare

What’s up, sugar?

Whoop, did that freak you out? Well, we’re not here to make you uncomfortable, so to be clear, we will be talking about an under-the-radar ingredient which can be of use in skincare! 

That ingredient is…


This ingredient with it’s many-a properties is not nearly talked about enough, so we will go through it and see what it’s all about.

First, the basics. 

BETAINE is a skingredient which is generally found in many skincare products. It is a naturally occurring amino acid which is produced in the human body and in various plants. It is commonly derived from sugar beet but can be prepared synthetically too. It has many uses in terms of skincare. It can be used for:

  • A humectant: humectants are essentially those products which trap moisture in your skin cells to retain hydration. Besides that, it is also an “osmolyte” i.e., it can aid your skin in adapting to both loss and gain of moisture to maintain a fine balance between hydration without making the skin oily.

  • Anti-aging: because betaine is a humectant, it keeps the skin plump and hydrated consequently resulting in reduction of visible fine lines and wrinkles. The retention of water fills in all the creases in the skin due to which the fine lines and wrinkles become less visible and your face looks youthful. 

  • Anti-allergic and calming: besides all the qualities of betaine, it has one other benefit. It has a calming effect on the skin. It also is mostly anti-allergic and can soothe irritated or damaged skin. Unlike other products, betaine does not immobilize the water molecules thereby allowing them to move freely and protects the skin from any further damaget that may take place. 

    YES, betaine is entirely vegan as it is mosly derived from plants such as the sugar beet or other artifical sources. The production or derivation of betaine, in no way, comes from animals under any circumstance. 

    However, it is often a good idea to check the labels to check if it involves anything animal-related. For best information, read the labels for vegan and cruelty-free products. 

    Betaine is a safe product to use. Being of “low-hazard risk” as declared by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review. It has no known adverse side effects and is safe for external use. Betaine, as an ingredient is known to be safe for all skin types.  

    In conclusion, betaine is an all-encompassing ingredient which only seems to have a positive impact on the skin. It has various uses and considering it is safe for all skin types, it is a rather attractive skingredient. To get the result of betaine on your skin try the Finite 01 Face Cleansing Gel infused with betaine and xylitol for best results.

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