Taking Care of your Skin: The right way


Yes, it was mandatory to say that in caps because most people forget to do so! No matter what your skin is like, skincare should be a part of your daily routine. Taking care of your skin can maintain the overall health of your skin and alleviate any skin concerns you might be facing. Now, we understand some of you may be confused about the right way to go about skincare, and there is no “one formula suits all”, but, there are some tips that everyone should follow!

You do not have to put an intensive skincare regimen into place and spend tons and tons of money on products, there are some basic tips that can help you keep your skin looking fabulous. And, keeping that in mind, we have come to you with the top tips we found about taking care of your skin. So, let’s see ‘em!

  • Wash your face: we cannot stress this enough, but, washing your face every day is necessary. Cleansing your face rids it of all of the grime, oil, bacteria, and a lot more that accumulates on your face as the day passes by. This can make your pores appear larger. Make it a habit to wash your face twice a day, once in the morning and once before hitting the sack at night. Try our Finite 01 Face Cleansing Gel for a smooth-on-the-skin feeling containing no harmful chemicals.

  • Use serums: it is generally beneficial to use serums for various skin concerns as they include active ingredients that can have direct impact on your skin to treat it. Not only that, but serums penetrate into the skin better and are consequently more effective. Try the Finite Face Serum range to find the one best suited for your concern!

  • MOISTURIZE. MOISTURIZE. MOISTURIZE: we cannot stress this enough, always moisturize! Using a moisturizer is essential no matter what your skin type is as it prevents dry, flaky skin and regenerates cells. Regular moisturizing also keeps the skin cells performing their best and prevents signs of aging.

  • Make use of sunscreen: during the day and especially during the summer, remember to always use sunscreen. The sun is responsible for causing most signs of aging and hyperpigmentation. Exposure to sun can also cause formation of free radicals that are harmful for the skin. Nonetheless, try to limit your sun exposure as much as you can.

  • Get plenty of sleep: the secret to good skin is good sleep. Someone said “beauty sleep” after putting a lot of thought into it. Our body requires at least 6 hours of sleep to restore, repair, and rejuvenate. Our skin produces collagen every night when we sleep, which regenerates skin cells. 

  • Drink lots of water: water is like the elixir of life. It feeds the skin from inside out. Drinking water helps nourish your skin and gives it a glow. Well hydrated skin shows lesser signs of fine lines and wrinkles as well as dark spots. It also keeps your stomach clean since acne is connected to stomach issues as well. 

  • Regulate stress levels: it has been shown that higher stress levels might result in more breakouts. It’s always a good idea to maintain your stress levels as this can keep both mind and skin healthy. 

  • Minimize products: you do not need a 101 products to take care of your skin. In fact, using too many products can have an opposite effect on your skin and make it breakout more than usual. Try to use essential products only such as cleansers, serum and moisturizer and don’t overdo it! Chances are, the lesser number of products you use the better your skin will react. 

  • Taking care of your skin is not rocket science. Only a few things are required for your skin to look its best. If you are unaware of which products would suit you best, try our minimalist line of products well-suited for every skin type to get the best out of yours. Finite products are multispeciality and suitable for all skin types to help you with hassle-free skincare! Get going with these tips and let us know if they helped you!

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