At Finite, we believe that there are already too many complicated things in life and your skincare regime shouldn't be one of them! With 6 and 10-step beauty routines and a plethora of options to choose from, it results in the limited ‘me time’ being cut into. 

Think about it… You plan to unwind with a book after a hectic day or relax and watch your favorite show, but after your shower you’re once again drawn into a complicated decision making process of what to use, in what order and so on. That’s another 15-20 minutes, right? 

By the way, it’s not just painfully elaborate, these varied products by a ton of brands also burn a big hole in your pocket. So it’s safe to say that it’s the need of the hour to turn skincare into a simpler yet significant affair! 

With our expert formulated range of Finite skincare products, we cater to those who want beautiful, healthy skin with minimum effort.

The brand was founded when a common man, even after two weeks of research, struggled to find a product for a very generic issue that his wife faced (along with thousands of other women!) post pregnancy - pigmentation.  

Voila! …. There were broadly 3 major concerns that everyone seemed to be dealing with:

• Brand Selection - “SO many options! Which one’s for ME?”

• Too many products for a single problem - “Which one will ACTUALLY work?”

• Identification of the right products is a complicated maze - “Should I blindly go with recommendations?”

• On a quest to solve this puzzle and ‘Uncomplicate skincare’, Saurabh launched FINITE. 

In the limited yet highly effective range of products, the brand has summarized the entire skincare ecosystem in a way that gives you maximum value - which in turn, also saves you a lot of time and effort!

FINITE products on the following principles;

Minimal Products

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