Finite Anti-Acne Face Serum for all skin types

Removes Blackheads & Acne Marks, Balances Oil, and Exfoliates Skin
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This lightweight & fast-absorbing serum power-packed with Vitamin B3, Blackcurrant and Raspberry leaves minimizes oil secretion, the first sign of acne development. Finite's oil-balancing non-comedogenic formula limits sebum oxidation and modulates inflammation to reduce progression into blackheads and the formation of acne marks.

Quantity: 1 FL OZ (30ml)

Rs. 598Rs. 777

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Safe for all skin types.

Key Ingredients:

Crafted with Vitamin B3, Blackcurrant and Raspberry leaves to minimize oil secretion, the first sign of acne development. Finite's Oil-Balancing Non-Comedogenic Formula: Limits sebum oxidation and modulates inflammation to reduce progression into blackheads and the formation of acne marks.

• Keeps the skin hydrated, firm, and younger looking
• Contains antioxidants to nourish dry and damaged skin
• Reduces inflammation and heals & repairs eczema.
• Contains Vitamin C, vital to collagen production
• Reduces appearance of wrinkles and sagging
• Prevents and repairs skin damage from the sun.

• Helps build Keratin to keep your skin firm and healthy
• Minimizes redness and blotchiness from inflammation
• Aids in natural reduction in pore sizes over time
• Retains moisture and regulates oil production
• Treats hyperpigmentation and lightens dark spots
• Minimizes fine lines & wrinkles and treats acne
• Protects your skin from sun and pollution damage.

When to use?

This serum can be used twice a day. 

What do you get?

This fast-absorbing & light-weight face serum naturally heals acne marks, reduces lesions, and balances oil for longer shine control revealing you with a matte look. 

For best results:

A minimum of 21 days of usage of this serum can show good results of the natural reduction in pore size, fewer lesions, and improved skin texture.

How to use:

Step 1: Cleanse your face
Step 2: Apply 2-3 drops of Finite 05 Oil Balancing Face Serum
Step 3: Massage gently in circular movements for complete absorption
Step 4: Moisturize your face.

Finite Care

How to check suitability?

Patch-testing is a sure-shot recommendation to check suitability. Wash a small area of your skin and apply a small amount of the serum and wait for a minimum of five minutes, wash it away, and look for any possible reactions.

What is Purging?

“Skin purging” occurs as a reaction to active ingredients like Blackcurrant & Raspberry along with Niacinamide, etc. that work by balancing the oil. “Skin purging” is quite possible even after passing the patch test.

Is Purging normal?

Purging is absolutely fine and natural, as it occurs as a reaction to new active ingredients. It takes only 1-2 days for purging to subside, if it doesn’t one must consult a dermatologist.

Customer Reviews

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Meghana Gn
Waste of money

I completed entire bottle of 05 oil balancing serum

I didn't even find a 0.1 % results

ka qe
Brilliant results within 21 days

Easily take good care of your skin with Finite serums

Awesome product

I could totally the see the difference in my skin after using it for 4 days. This product is really useful and i would recommend it to all of you to use and see the difference yourself.

Good choice.

It is amazing serum and I have been using it since so long and seeing wonderful changes on my skin. Highly recommended.


It's a very Good and natural face serum it is also mild and works effectively
it's good for sensitive, oily, and acne-prone skin. it's my second order for this
I would recommend this for sure.